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Maintain student details, employee details, Parent Details.

What Makes us the Top Educational Software

  • Well, say goodbye to your Admission Management problems with ‘EMS Software’. You can save all the data in one system and search whenever you want without any confusion.
  • Inventory for any school is a valuable asset. Be it stationary or school uniforms, continuous checks need to be made on the school’s inventory for proper utilization.
  • Good school management software will make sure their students are traveling safely. This transparency between parent and the administration needs to be accomplished.
  • No more missing the notices put up on the notice boards of the school or hiding the note of teachers from parents.
  • One of the important features of any school management software is their ability to track the attendance of children enrolled in various classes.
  • Best Online School Management Software In India comes with a methodical, systematic and well-planned approach to manage fees of the students.
  • With the end of each exam, a report card is generated which can be accessed by the parents to know the strong and weak subjects of their child.
  • Effective management of organization workers so they help the business gain a competitive advantage and helps in building teams in an organization
  • A vast download center from where the students can download assignments, syllabus, e-books and notes on a daily basis.

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we aim at providing the finest Educational software. Educational software is the term used for any computer software, which is made for any educational purpose. It encompasses different ranges from language learning software to classroom management software to reference software, etc.

EMS is a revolutionary school management ERP system that aims to simplify, accelerate organize and coordinate the daily processes that are a part of any school’s functioning. It is an advanced ERP software that is exceptionally efficient, secure, systematic and also easy to use. It will connect, collect, integrate and interpret information from different departments and manage functions and processes across your school at a central point, to enable effective decision making – making way for progress.

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Our Educational Software Services

➡️Admission Management

  • Save data in one System
  • Search Required information
  • No hassle while Operating

➡️Message Broadcasting

  • Circular Notification
  • Absent Student Information
  • Home Work & Assignment

➡️Fees Management

  • Check Fee Status
  • Check Due Fee
  • Monthly & Annual Fee

➡️Inventory Management

  • Proper Check on Inventory
  • No Stock-Outs
  • No long-term storage costs

➡️Download & View Centre

  • E-Books
  • Assignment
  • Syllabus

➡️Grade Cards & Certificates

  • Download Grade Card
  • Download Certificate

➡️Transport Management

  • Safe Transport
  • Fewer Destruction
  • Latest Update


  • View Total Attandance
  • Check daily Presence/Absence

➡️HR Management

  • Download Pay Slip
  • Daily Punching/Punchout