Inventory Management software


Inventory Tracking - Effective and Efficient

Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfilment, and inventory control software.

Business Benefits

  • Enables perfect order fulfilment and on-time shipment
  • Eliminate costly physical inventories
  • Make optimum use of human and warehouse resources
  • Reduces order processing times
  • Minimizes shipping, put-away and picking errors

Functional Benefits

  • Provides real-time information over a network
  • Automatic restocking based on maximum and minimum levels
  • Ability to manage multiple locations
  • Improved management control and reporting
  • Helps plan and track labour resource

Technical Benefits

  • Dot net platform with MS-SQL database
  • Built on .Net Remoting system
  • Web enabled
  • RF enabled Integration with Hand Held Terminals
  • Sends alerts based on user IP configured in user definition.

KLBS Softech ERP Inventory has disproved the myth that wastage and high costs cannot be minimized at a warehouse. With its highly automated processes, powerful control structure and accurate forecast capabilities, it lets you optimize your inventory to a level that will remove all dents in the movement of goods and management of the stock.


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