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Mobilize your workplace

Want to stand tall amongst the millions of apps downloaded daily? Choose our App Store Optimization services provided by experts to keep your app to the top! Increasing visibility means multiplying download numbers & staying far ahead of your competition.


We offer all type of custom mobile apps development services and solutions for android and iOS platforms. We develop highly efficient and performance oriented mobile applications with the help of our highly skilled developers, specializing in different platforms. We offer you fully controlled and easy to manage apps with provide application monitoring services both computational and performance based.

  • Early performance testing for ultimate reliability and scalability
  • Flexible architecture for building new features and third-party integrations
  • Hi-load web back-ends that can handle explosive user growth
  • Over 90% unit test coverage for early debugging and lower fixing costs
  • Code review, linting and in-depth static analysis with tools like SonarQube
  • Shared iOS and Android code base to speed up development and cut costs
  • Enterprise-grade data and application security

We create error free and highly proficient mobile apps for iOS platform with our services stretched over all domains including travel portal apps, social apps, online booking apps, lifestyle apps and all the other disciplines.

We develop compatible and user friendly apps for android platforms. We help you grow your business by creating visible apps that provide an easy interface and high performance.

Expertise in:

  • Native Android app development
  • Native iOS app development
  • Web-based app development
  • Use of bleeding edge coding technologies and app development tools
  • Device Size Detection and Customization
  • Design Focused on Accessibility of all site content on all devices
  • Multiple-Device Testing
  • Ability to use popular Mobile Frameworks (jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Appellatory, Sencha Mobile) or custom light-weight approaches using your existing site
  • Deployment on app hubs such as Apple App Store and Google Apps Marketplace

We at KLBS Softech tackle these facts and similar challenges with a combination of an experienced team of ASO experts, and the monitoring and analytics technology needed to fine tune and optimize every single step of our ASO campaign. Like many other App Development services, app store marketing relies on a strict flowchart of needs:

  • 1.Figuring out where you’re going wrong

    We take a look at your bounce rates, identify pages with the most turn-offs, figure out what forms do and don’t work, and remove or replace copy and design elements that simply don’t work.

  • 2. Then, you need a slick app page

    Once a customer finds your app in the rankings, there are only a handful of factors that help them determine whether or not your app is worth a damn: logo and preview design, description formatting, and app reviews. This is also where our world-class keyword research and app store keyword optimization comes into play.

  • 3.Finding out what you need to do right

    Through research, analysis and rigorous testing, we slowly build the page your customers want to stay on, from optimizing blogs to e-commerce conversion optimization.


  • Mobile Application Development

    Right from the scratch, we implement the best-in-class strategies to completely satisfy you and to complete your project on time. On-time work delivery enhances your business.

  • Mobile Application Customization

    Whatever your ideas may be, we bring them to reality that is sure to please you. We are always here for developing your mobile application.

  • Ecommerce Solution

    We take the effort to deliver the best when it comes to ecommerce development. We offer complete ecommerce solution at a competent price.

  • Gaming Application

    Got an outline for the game? Yes? Cool, we will take it from there! Our games are brilliantly developed, user-friendly, UX-UI friendly, and most above all, it’s made as per your needs.

  • Integration Services

    The process can help you to attract maximum audience and redirect them to your store.