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Online medical diagnosis and treatment

Hospital Management Software

Business Problems Solved with Healthcare Software

Healthcare organizations must be able to ensure the security of patient data and decide whether they want a software that can either be all-encompassing, integrate well with other hospitals, or be specific to the parameters of, for example, a pharmacy or private home duty care clinic. Add to that the fact that some healthcare organizations are transitioning from paper records to electronics ones, and many business problems will crop up throughout a software’s life cycle.


The KLBS Softech Health Care Managment is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare today – achieving operational efficiencies, driving the healthcare provider community’s adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) technologies, deliver superior patient care while increasing revenues with new services and offerings. KLBS Softech Health Care Managment is a web-native, integrated, multi-facility, multi-lingual and scalable platform. It can be configured to meet all the information and communication needs of the administrative, operational, revenue and clinical departments of medium to very large hospitals and networks.

Extended Care Platform

Modular Offerings

Low Total Cost of Ownership

User Experience

Meets Global Standards

KLBS Softech Health Care Software Key Services

Out-Clinical Managment

Out-Clinical Management, The capture of patient demographics often starts when a new patient fills out a patient information chart. This information includes the patient's name, address and contact information, birthdate, employer, and insurance information. Practice staff typically enter this information into the software.

MIS Report

eClinic software usually contains reporting capabilities to allow users to extract detailed data on financial performance and patient medical histories. eClinic often has both pre-setup reports as well as allow users to design their own, ad-hoc reports. In some cases, the reporting functionality of eClinic interfaces with Decision support systems or has similar functionality built-in.

Doctor Portal

After the discharge of a patient, discharge summary can be automatically generated by just pressing a few keys. Laboratory data can automatically be imported. Specialty wise standard format can be set..

Pharmacy Management

Complete pharmacy shop can be managed through this module. Additionally it can be linked to main billing. As patient collects medicines from pharmacy shop their charges will automatically transfer to patient billing.

Patient Portal

KLBS Softech you set up KPI-based goals for teams and individuals based on set formula by management.

Integrated Laboratory

As the test is booked at reception request is automatically send to laboratory department. Laboratory depatment can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Appointment Managment

eClinic Systems often include an Online Appointment calendaring or scheduling component that allows staff to create and track upcoming patient visits. Software is often differentiated by whether it allows double-booking, or whether it uses a scheduling or a booking model. Schedules are often color-coded to allow healthcare providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, assistants) to easily identify blocks of time or sets of patients.


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